Medical Acupuncture

Improve local and systemic function the body, regulate the nervous system, and promote natural healing processes.


Use of electrical currents to stimulate the muscles and reduce pain. Can be used in tandem with acupuncture.

Myofascial Release

Hand-on technique focused on relieving restrictions in your muscles and fascia.

Ultrasound Therapy

Use of high-frequency sound waves to produce deep tissue heating to promote circulation, and reduce muscle tension and inflammation.

Trigger Point Release

The release of tense knots in your muscle and fascia.

Laser Therapy

Use of photons to improve circulation, reduce pain and inflammation, and promote tissue regeneration.

Joint Mobilizations

Facilitation of the smooth articular movements at the joint 

Shockwave Therapy

Use of acoustic pressure waves to break up soft tissue calcifications, enhance collagen synthesis, and promote circulation.

Specialized Exercises

Corrective exercises designed to promote efficient movement and reduce muscle imbalances.

Kinesiology Taping

Application of specialized tape to improve stability, reduce pain, and guide proper movement.