Refine Your Body. Muscles. Joints. Balance. Coordination. Posture. Performance. Movement.

Experience the world the way you want to.

Decrease Pain. Improve Movement. Better Performance. Align Posture.

Comprehensive Assessments & Treatment

Our therapists are trained with our special framework:

1. Full body assessment

2. Identify the source and contributing factors

3. Evidence-based treatment

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Unlock your full potential.

Calibrate your body to meet your life’s demands.

Less pain. Less compensations. Less energy wasted.

More time living your life.

We focus on optimizing body mechanics to ensure that dysfunctions are solved permanently.

Feel your best, forever.

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Patient Reviews

Sharik A.​
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I would highly recommend anyone that needs physiotherapy for short or long-term to come visit this place. The team is professional and highly educated in the practice, they will work with you and make you feel comfortable and welcomed. After coming to this place and having done a few sessions I was able to feel better and see the progress right away. I will recommend my friends and family to only come here as I know that no matter the situation the team here will be able to help them. 10/10 very happy with my progress and I know it was a good decision to come here.
Kelvin N.​
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I had a sport related injury from playing basketball, had nagging pain in my thumb from jamming it many times before.David took great care of me during my visit. He was very professional and took his time explaining the treatment and how it helps m6 muscle and joints. The treatment helped me gain back strength and I recover quickly.Clinic is very spacious and clean. Would def recommend for anyone looking to get treated for sports related injuries and joint pain. They really know their stuff there and David is the man!
Nathan A.​
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David Le goes above and beyond to provide the best service to his patients. He has been noticably better than any other physiotherapist I have visited in the GTA. Other physiotherapists may provide minimal service in treating pain, but David really takes the time to identify the root cause of issues and works with you to resolve them. Highly recommend David Le, you'll notice his quality of service from your first appointment.
Frank K.
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Pretty effortless doing admin stuff here, well organized. Service is great too. I’m with David, super knowledgeable dude that will help you with whatever you need.

Yonge & Sheppard

Our clinic is located right off the subway line for easy access.